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The timing of this Emerson Exchange Call for Presentations reminder email is perfect with my post last Friday on ways to share your expertise. If you’re a process manufacturer with Emerson products, an integrator of Emerson products, an Emerson local business partner, or an Emerson employee, the Emerson Exchange is the perfect opportunity to share your expertise.

Have you solved a unique challenge that others would be interested in hearing about? Are you using technologies in a novel way? Are the quantified results from your efforts so compelling that others must know about them? If so, to any of these and countless more I didn’t ask, than you’re the perfect person to present at the 2009 Emerson Exchange in Orlando, Florida from September 28 through October 2.

My colleague Deb Franke and I have presented the last two years (2008, 2007) on aspects how process automation professionals can use the social media applications to be more successful and productive. We did find it encouraging reading about a:

…recent MIT study found that in one organization the employees with the most extensive personal digital networks were 7% more productive than their colleagues – so Wikis and Web 2.0 tools may indeed improve productivity.

So there you have it. Sharing your ideas and building your network of fellow experts leads to greater success and productivity. And the best part is that if you choose an Emerson Exchange presentation as a way to do this, your conference admission fee will be waived (or one fee waived for multiple presenters.)

The deadline for submitting your abstract is March 16th, so it’s coming up fast. From the email, here are some of the tracks and possible topic areas where your presentation might best fit:

Business Operations & Business Systems Integration

  • Improvements in business operations
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) integration
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration
  • Reducing maintenance or regulatory compliance costs
  • Human Factors
  • Control room ergonomics
  • Development of plant and technical personnel

System Applications

  • Integration of DeltaV with Non-Emerson Systems
  • Integration of DeltaV with other applications
  • Novel DeltaV applications
  • DeltaV system tools
  • Digital bus technologies
  • System life cycle
  • Tips and tricks using systems
  • Cyber security

Instrumentation Applications

  • New technologies and their use in analytical measurement applications
  • Solutions to difficult analytical problems
  • Custody transfer applications
  • New technologies and their use in flow measurement applications
  • Solutions to difficult measurement problems
  • Custody level measurement applications
  • Fieldbus and wireless applications

Valve Applications

  • Advances in control using digital valve controllers
  • Best practice valve selection and installation
  • Experiences in implementing control in the field using fieldbus

Asset Optimization / Maintenance and Reliability

  • Justifying a predictive maintenance program and technologies, and quantifying ongoing benefits
  • Designing, implementing and optimizing an asset management program
  • Work processes to leverage predictive diagnostics within daily maintenance activities
  • Successful programs for improved equipment reliability
  • Planning and executing turnarounds
  • Experience with diagnostic tools and techniques
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements for plant asset

Safety Instrumented Systems

  • Successful integrations of Emerson systems and safety instrumented systems
  • Update on SIS regulations and technology
  • Role of smart instruments and valves in Safety Instrumented Systems

Project Management and Engineering Tools

  • Projects using Emerson’s PlantWeb technology and/or services
  • Project workflow optimization / improvements
  • Engineering tool solutions (SPI)
  • Reducing capital or engineering costs
  • Simulation
  • Improving access to process information

Control System Modernization

  • Migrations of existing systems (Emerson & non-Emerson) to latest Emerson systems & platforms
  • Cost savings using migration tools
  • Installation methods that reduce overall conversion/configuration time
  • Factors influencing modernizing control systems

Process Optimization

  • Advanced process control technologies
  • Loop performance auditing
  • Use of embedded loop monitoring, model predictive control and/or neural nets
  • Optimization where to start & how improvements are sustained


  • System and instrumental applications
  • Portable operator interface or handheld applications
  • Security
  • Cost benefits and ROI

Update and bump: I just wanted to remind everyone that today is the deadline to get your Emerson Exchange abstracts submitted. Deb Franke and I just submitted ours over the weekend and now have fingers crossed hoping it gets selected. Good luck to you if you submit one as well!

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