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by | Jul 8, 2009 | Event

In these challenging economic times, it can be difficult to justify attendance at conferences, which can enhance your skills and abilities to resolve issues with your manufacturing process.

The Emerson Exchange board recently put a list of reasons why you should attend events like the Emerson Exchange conference, set for September 28 through October 2 in Orlando, Florida.

I mentioned in an earlier post, how capital constraints often shift the focus of automation professionals from expansions and new processes, to optimization of the processes that currently exist. Conferences like the Emerson Exchange provide a gathering area to share practices about what works and what doesn’t. One single pearl of wisdom gained can more that pay for the expenses and time away.

Here are seven reasons the board developed to help with your justification efforts:

  1. To learn best practices and see how colleagues are improving efficiency and reducing costs with automation
  2. To understand what your peers, other suppliers, and customers in your industry are doing to navigate through and compete in challenging economic times
  3. To touch and experience the breadth of innovative Emerson technologies all in one place
  4. To meet with the Emerson experts behind the technologies and learn how innovative technologies can be put to work for you
  5. To network with your peers and other industry leaders and make the right connections
  6. To receive complimentary certified training and earn CEU credits
  7. To get the most out of your automation investments and realize its true value

Here’s what I’d add. The focus of this blog over the past 3+ years has been to connect you with the experts around Emerson Process Management. By taking a look at all the categories on the right side of each blog page, you can see a lot of posts showing application and industry expertise, product expertise, automation lifecycle expertise, industry standards expertise, and more.

Most of the people featured will be at the Exchange. If you found something interesting in one or more of the posts, this event provides a chance for you to ask about your specific challenges and situation. It’s that one nugget of wisdom that might lead to the efficiency gain, energy reduction, quality improvement, etc. that you’ve been battling.

For example, I recently did a post about Emerson’s James Beall and his work to help a refiner with their crude unit instability. He’ll be presenting two workshops on some of the useful subtleties in PID control and control performance monitoring, loop tuning, and adaptive control.

Here’s the preliminary list of presenters and their presentations to see if the person with whom you’d like to connect will be there. Or, send me an email, and I’ll try to find out for you.

See you in Orlando!


Update: Sorry for the broken hyperlink to the preliminary list of presenters. I’ve fixed it.

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