Bring Recognition to Your Innovative Work with HART Communications

I wanted to give a quick mention of the HART Communications Foundation‘s annual HART
Plant of the Year End Users’ Award. They are encouraging nominations from
all world areas through May 31. I mention this because some process manufacturers have begun to include WirelessHART into their plants to do some applications that were not possible or practical with a wired approach.

If your organization has been using the diagnostics available in your HART and/or WirelessHART devices to improve your process and/or better manage your assets, you may want to nominate your plant here.

The HART Communications Foundation’s Executive Director, Ron
Helson stated:

We are seeking the plant that has taken the capabilities of HART instruments beyond configuration and calibration, or one that is using real-time diagnostics and process variables in their HART-enabled devices integrated with their control, information, asset management and safety systems… This is the opportunity for end users to share their success and tell the world how HART technology has helped lower their operating cost and increased plant availability.

My good friends who manage the AMS Device Manager brand brought this award to my attention. They also pointed out that three of the past four winners: PDVSA
Petropiar oil refinery
, Statoil Hydro Ormen Lange onshore facility, and Sasol Solvents and Olefins incorporate AMS Device Manager as part of their use of the HART diagnostic information.

If you’re using HART-based field devices and would like some
recognition for the innovative work to improve operating costs and increase
plant availability, take a moment to nominate
your plant.

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