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The annual Emerson Exchange technical conference is now just a week away. We hope you’ll be able to join us in historic, San Antonio Texas for this exchange of expertise. If you’re involved in process safety at your plant with equipment such as furnaces, boilers, ovens and other fired equipment, then you’ll want to attend the sessions related to burner management systems (BMS). Emerson’s Mike Boudreaux notes that applying the IEC 61511
safety instrumented function (SIF)-based approach to BMS design can be confusing due to overlap with prescriptive standards such as NFPA 85 and EN 50156. This equipment plays a critical role in the production process, so safety, reliability, and availability are paramount.

Process safety experts from Emerson will be participating in a number of sessions to share best practices and offer standards guidance for the lifecycle management of burner management systems. These sessions include:

RockTenn’s BMS Project Uses DeltaV SIS-Wednesday at 10:00am and Thursday at 1:15pm
Workshop by Gary Northam, RockTenn-Replacing an aged BMS system for boilers? Should you implement an SIS? RockTenn needed to replace an aged and unreliable BMS system for their boilers. To comply with industry standards and take advantage of diagnostic information, RockTenn successfully completed this project using the DeltaV SIS process safety system and integrating it with the existing DeltaV and AMS systems. Emerson provided local safety expertise and engineering services to help ensure that compliance requirements were meet.

What Now? More Standards for Safety and Regulatory Compliance-Wednesday at 3:15pm and Thursday at 9:00am
Workshop by Mike Schmidt, Bluefield Process Safety and Chuck Miller, Emerson Process Management-Just when a majority of industrial manufacturers were getting the hang of the global safety requirements, professional societies are developing even more guidance documents for Burner Management System (BMS) applications. Industry experts suggest these “clarifications” are necessary as NFPA 85 dictates BMS design and operation from a prescriptive viewpoint. ANSI/ISA TR 5 provides guidance on expected performance and API 556 from an experience point of view. However, many end-users fear it will become a hard line compliance issue with OSHA and Local Jurisdictional Authorities.

Burner Management – A straightforward approach using DeltaV SIS for typical systems-Wednesday at 2:15pm and Thursday at 1:15pm
Workshop by David Sheppard, Emerson Process Management-If you are considering a new Burner Management System, there are many reasons a DeltaV SIS system should be explored. The DeltaV SIS system has many advantages including scalability, utilization of smart instruments, integrated Control and BMS Systems, and embedded safety functions. Like many other vendors, DeltaV SIS can handle simple standard logic diagrams; however, advanced function blocks allow your application to utilize an advanced state-based engineering approach. This approach helps to simplify the design, configuration and testing–resulting in timesavings and reduced complexity.

DeltaV SIS BMS Demonstration-Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings
Combustion Control/Burner Management Application Area during the Technology Exhibit hours-A demonstration of how DeltaV SIS can meet your burner management needs. The DeltaV SIS process safety system can be used for BMS applications, a safety solution for control and monitoring of burner units. The DeltaV SIS process safety system was built from the ground up for IEC 61511 compliance and was designed to make the implementation and management of the safety logic as efficient as possible. DeltaV SIS is a flexible solution that can be used for BMS applications to increase visibility to your process, as well as reduce engineering and complexity. Visit the DeltaV SIS website for more information.

DeltaV SIS Roadmap Session-Monday at 11:00am and 1:00pm / Wednesday at 11:00am and 1:00pm
Roadmap session by Keith Bellville and Mike Boudreaux, Emerson Process Management-Be sure to attend this roadmap session. There will information provided about using DeltaV SIS for BMS applications.

If BMS and flame safety is within your scope of responsibilities, the best practices and industry standards guidance should be of value to you.

A downloadable, Emerson Exchange Pocket Guide PDF file is now available to give you a flavor of all of the workshops, short courses, industry sessions and more. See you next week!

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