DeltaV SIS Roadmap Recap from Emerson Exchange

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The product and service roadmap sessions are typically the most highly attended sessions at Emerson Exchange. Attendees are anxious to understand the forward paths for these products and services. You might have already read about this year’s DeltaV SIS roadmap session in the article, Tools for the Safety Lifecycle. Here’s a write up I edited based on Emerson’s Chuck Miller notes from the session:

During the roadmap session for DeltaV SIS, Mike Boudreaux stated that the process industry has ever-increasing pressures to keep the process running while simultaneously avoiding risk to personnel, the environment, and the production assets–all in a world of increasing complexity. DeltaV SIS was developed to help process manufacturers optimize process safety reliability, provide flexibility to meet project needs, deliver increased visibility into the process, reduce engineering and complexity, and simplify regulatory compliance.

The DeltaV SIS was designed around the entire safety loop, from the sensor to the logic solver to the final element. This is in recognition that the majority of failures occur in the field devices. Having a component in the loop fail does not constitute a process demand that requires a shutdown. Smart field devices such as the Rosemount 3051S and 3144P use advanced diagnostics to detect dangerous failures and communicate this information with the DeltaV SIS. Similarly, the Fisher DVC6000 SIS valve controller provides automated partial stroke testing with automatic documentation of test results sent to the DeltaV SIS.

For large safety instrumented system projects, the secure SIS communications bandwidth between logic solvers was doubled in the v10 release. In the v11 release, bandwidth was increased by another 50 percent for a single SISNet Ring network. The node count limit for a SISNet Ring was also expanded. For more flexibility and scalability, SISNet Domains provide for multiple SISNet networks on a single DeltaV SIS system. These SISNet Domains allow isolation of different production areas, different SIS applications, or geographic distribution of the safety logic across long distances.

DeltaV SIS shares the enhancements made in each release to the DeltaV operations, engineering, and maintenance applications. Based on DeltaV SIS user feedback, control applications can now more quickly reference safety I/O values. This means that safety inputs can be referenced by PID loops for pressure, temperature, level, and flow control applications. If a transmitter is moved from the control system to the safety system, both the control and safety systems benefit from increased field device hardware fault tolerance.

DeltaV SIS includes IEC 61508-certified function blocks, which simplify the implementation of complex SIS applications. This reduces custom programming and enables companies to standardize and simplify the implementation of safety logic. Recently certified to the burner management system standards NFPA 85, EN 298, and EN 50156, DeltaV SIS has advanced sequencing and state transition function blocks used for flame safety applications. Custom templates in the v11 release enable companies to protect their SIS standards without a password.

To simplify IEC 61511 safety lifecycle compliance, DeltaV SIS embeds version control, audit trail, and event recording. This eliminates manual requirements associated with management of change. Integrated security management with multiple layers of protection helps to meet increasing plant security requirements. For plant safety competency requirements, new virtual classroom training provides greater access to classroom-based instruction. DeltaV SIS integrates with platforms such as AMS Device Manager, Syncade operations management software, and Meridium asset performance software. These provide an integrated safety lifecycle management solution throughout the analysis, implementation, and operation phases of the safety lifecycle.

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