Using Syncade Workflow and AMS Device Manager for SIF Proof Testing with DeltaV SIS

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Update and bump: Ed was kind enough to allow us to add his presentation into Slideshare (download):

Update 2: There was also a great article summarizing Ed’s talk that you may want to read–Kill off the Clipboard: SIS Proof Test Automation with Syncade.

Original post: Emerson’s process safety system team was in San Antonio last week for the Emerson Exchange. They took notes during various process safety and safety instrumented system-related presentations. I’ll be sharing their write-ups with you in the coming weeks. Today’s post comes courtesy of Thomas Steiner. Thomas listened in on a presentation, Using Syncade Workflow and AMS Device Manager for SIF Proof Testing on a DeltaV Smart SIS System by Proconex‘ Ed Smigo. Ed’s presentation won one of the Best of Conference awards.

Thomas writes:

The paper presented by Ed Smigo focused on how smart instruments coupled with smart logic solvers and software tools can facilitate an automated test and documentation process.

Over the past couple of years, process manufacturers started to adopt IEC 61511 in earnest as good engineering practice for functional safety. Following IEC61511 means that the market is turning away from a prescriptive-based to a performance-based approach to functional safety. This safety standard defines good engineering work practices for the entire safety lifecycle of a safety instrumented system (SIS).

Having work practices in place is important, but they are useless if people don’t follow them and if they are not properly executed by maintenance and operations personnel who are not competent or trained to perform the activities.

Ed showed that tools such as AMS Device Manager, the QuickCheck Snap-On, as well as Syncade Electronic Workflow, compels people to follow a pre-configured work process, such as performing regular proof tests on emergency shutdown (ESD) valves, measurement devices, and other elements in a safety instrumented function (SIF).

The Syncade Electronic Workflow, for example, doesn’t allow people to take short cuts while performing a proof test. What I was also impressed to hear was that the tool would not allow a proof test to be performed if the device calibration is out date and needs either calibration verification or a full calibration procedure performed.

In other words, the whole approach is built around a “get it right the first time” process. This approach also documents every step as it is performed, and not after the fact where mistakes are likely to occur.

Ed used the proof test procedures that are provide in the owners manual for the Rosemount 3051S to illustrate how the different options provided by AMS Device Manager, QuickCheck, and Syncade can deliver different levels of automated proof testing.

Smart instruments with digital communication are really the backbone to take advantage of these verification/validation tools and in conjunction with a smart DeltaV SIS solution. These tools simplify IEC61511 compliance throughout the entire safety lifecycle of an installed SIS.

Having an electronic workflow around the process safety lifecycle helps avoid mistakes and omissions, improves documentation, and helps build a culture around safe operations. If you are interested in learning more about the QuickCheck Snap-On, then register to attend the upcoming process safety webinar on October 20, 2010.


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