Adding Wireless Valve Position Monitoring

Update: Unfortunately the video had to be removed. I’ll add another update to the post when the existing, revised, or new video becomes available. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Emerson Process Management’s Fisher Valve team has opened up a channel, Fisher Control Valves, on YouTube. The first video posted is Emerson 4300 Series Wireless Position Monitor:

In this short, 3:20 video, Emerson’s Kurtis Jensen shows the setup process to add valve position monitoring using TopWorx 4310 and Fisher 4320 wireless position monitors for quarter-turn or linear control valves. You may recall Kurtis from an earlier post, Do You Know Your Manual Valve’s Position?

He shows the calibration procedure where you mark the valve’s closed and open positions. Once calibrated, this WirelessHART device connects into your existing wireless mesh to a 1420 Wireless Gateway or other WirelessHART gateway provider.

I imagine there is a problem valve or two or three at your facility impacting your process that you wish you could monitor. Kurtis’ simple message for these cases is, “If it moves, you can monitor it!”

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