Growing Number of Process Automation-Related How To Videos

One of the big benefits that free services such as YouTube has brought us is the proliferation of “how to” videos. Seeing a visual and audio display of someone showing how to do something really speeds up the learning process when compared to text alone, or text with pictures.

Need to do a home project such as caulking and painting? A quick YouTube search reveals many extremely well done examples.

These videos continue to become a greater part of our world of process automation. I shared one example from Emerson’s Micro Motion team in a post, How To Install Micro Motion 9739 MVD Electronic Modules.

I mention all this because Emerson’s DeltaV team has just posted a YouTube video showing the process of commissioning electronically marshalled I/O with the DeltaV control system configuration. The video was put together because of curiosity by process manufacturers to see exactly how this commissioning process was performed in a running system.

I’ve heard from process automation professionals that their organizations were still blocking YouTube access from inside their firewalls. Is this the case at your facility? If so, it seems your missing access to the growing body of how to type learning.

Hopefully, if you’re in this group, the growing body of work will strengthen your case for change.

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