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Your Thoughts Needed on Mobile Personal Productivity

One of the most significant technological developments over the past couple of years is the rise of mobile computing—especially smartphones and tablet devices. These smartphones and tablet charts help show this rapid growth.

It’s important to understand how process automation professionals can apply mobile technologies to improve their personal and operational productivity.

On the personal productivity front, our mobile team has developed a short, 5-minute survey to understand better how the external websites and mobile applications can be developed and optimized for your use. Even if you don’t use smartphone or tablet devices yet to access any of the Emerson Process Management websites, the mobile team would appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

Now those who follow my tweets know that “overzealous marketers” and their surveys sometimes exasperate me. It seems we can’t take a trip without getting surveys from the airline, rental car, hotel, and restaurants.

The flip side is that if you invest the 5 minutes for this survey, then your ideas can have major impact on the improvement process. If there is something your process automation supplier can provide you to improve your productivity, here’s the opportunity to be heard.

I hope you’ll consider being one to share your thoughts and impact the improvements to the mobile tools in your process automation tool bag.


Posted Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 under Technologies.


  1. Jake Brodsky says:

    Just say no.  Seriously. 

    Phones, laptops, and other portable wireless gadgetry can get stolen or lost. Do you have the security policies in place to prevent a problem when, not if, this happens? Will the report get made in time to prevent someone from screwing with your plant remotely with full certification? 

    I say this even assuming that we have all the right technology, perfect cryptography, and perfect patching policies and traceable updates (which I can just about guarantee that even Emerson doesn’t have).

    This idea should be shot down before it even has a chance to get airborne.  The last thing I need is some C-level exec asking me for wireless access to a plant DCS.  It may sell systems, but it is like selling booze to middle school kids. There is no way this could end well.

    • Jack, I like the way you bring it–no sugarcoating! I agree that connections into the DCS are probably the last thing to do for the security reasons you cite. I think apps around people finding, calculators, sizing tools, etc. make a whole lot more sense until the mobile security technologies make some big leaps.

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