Usability and Other Improvements in DeltaV Version 12

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I wanted to highlight a series of posts from Emerson’s Bruce Greenwald on his Process Control Musings blog. He highlights some additions to the DeltaV version 12 release—

DeltaV Version 12 Fun Facts and Features:

In Part 1, Bruce highlights the operating system capabilities—running on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 on both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. He notes that those with 32-bit systems can upgrade without upgrading the operating system and can expand with the 64-bit software running in a mixed operating system environment.

In Part 2, he highlights the licensing simplification that was done. For consistency, the digital buses, Foundation fieldbus, Profibus, and DeviceNet, now use the same counting method. Bruce notes:

So if you’ve got a drive or motor from an MCC [motor control center] coming in via DeviceNet with multiple signals (start, stop, running, current, etc), it’ll only count as a single DST [device signal tag].

Bruce also notes the improvements in counting serial I/O data:

In Version 12, we’ve eliminated the need to use landing modules by just counting a single DST per serial dataset. So whether you’re bringing in 50 or 100 integer registers into a single dataset, it will only count as one DST, no matter how many different modules reference the registers from the dataset.

In Part 3, he describes hardware improvements including a fiber optic connection to the wireless I/O card, which extends the distance for locating a DeltaV wireless field device access point in your process. Also, a 24 VDC Power CHARM to supply 24 volts to 4-wire transmitters such as many Micro Motion Coriolis transmitters for flow and density meters.

In Part 4, Bruce highlights improvements in the DeltaV documentation, Books Online. One of the benefits of the Emerson Exchange 365 community has been the feedback from the DeltaV user community to improve documentation. Bruce describes usability improvements such as:

Prior to v12, What’s this? used to bring up these mini help dialogs:

What’s we’ve done in v12 is to combine the mini help dialogs into BOL as the first page of a larger section:

The mini help has been combined and centralized with the rest of the Books Online to make all the information around a given topic more readily accessible and findable.

If you work with the DeltaV system in your plant, make sure you’re a member of the DeltaV track in the Emerson Exchange 365 community to learn and share your expertise with fellow DeltaV experts around the globe. You’ll also catch all of Bruce’s posts as well as those from process automation hall of fame member, Terry Blevins.

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