In Case You Missed Some of the Emerson Exchange Action

Update and bump: You would think Read-Out Instrumentation Signpost’s Eoin Ó Riain was with us in Grapevine last week in person given this fantastic recap, #EMrex We heard it on the Grapevine! He was however, following the action via the social channels from his home base in Ireland. Also, here is the Day 5 video recap from the conference:

One more item… Terry Blevins provides a fully-narrated version of his Emerson Exchange presentation in his blog post, Addressing Control in the Presence of Process and Measurement Noise.

Original post: It has been a blur of a week with the Emerson Exchange Americas conference going on. I hope you’ve been able to peek in on the action on the Emerson Exchange 365 Live page from time to time.

If not, I wanted to share a few highlights. In an earlier post, I shared the Day 1 video recap. Here are days 2-4.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

The Facebook photo album and #EmrEx Twitter stream have also been very active.

Here’s a few of the articles from the week that I also found through a search:

Apologies to anyone who’s coverage I missed. I’ll update and bump this post on any other things I can find on Monday.

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