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Examples of Level Measurement in Action

At the past Emerson Exchange technical conference in Anaheim, Emerson’s Rosemount Level team captured a number of video demonstrations. I’ll highlight the new ones added to the Rosemount Level YouTube playlist.

In this 2:31 YouTube video, Rosemount 2130 SIL 2 Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch with Advanced Diagnostics, Kevin Cullen shows the operation of this level switch with advanced diagnostics. The diagnostics can detect and alert on conditions such as fork buildup, damage, and corrosion, and provide fault detection to take the safety instrumented function to a safe state.

In this 3:05 video, 3107 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for Level, Volume and Open Channel Flow, Emerson’s Peter Ward highlights capabilities in level transmitter for maintaining accurate and reliable level measurement in water and wastewater and utility applications, such as pumping stations (aka lift stations) and wet wells.

In this 3:17 video, User-friendly Interoperability in Any Host with New Radar DDs & DTMs, Emerson’s Tomas Wennerberg and Andreas Hessel describe how Rosemount Level instruments’ new device descriptions (DDs) and device type managers (DTMs) provide a configuration interface for the devices and access to their parameters from any host. They show an example of how build up on a guided wave radar probe can cause false echoes and how embedded diagnostics can spot the buildup issues before they impact the level measurement.

In this 2:23 video, Introduction of Rosemount 5300 and 5400 Modbus Options, Emerson’s Steve Newton describes how the MODBUS output on the radar gauges address low power (9-30VDC) and efficient communication requirements found in upstream oil and gas production operations. The MODBUS communications allow the passing of the device operating and diagnostic information back to the host system and allow configuration from the ground—away from potentially harmful gases on top of the vessel or tank.

I’ll share a few more new videos in tomorrow’s post.

If you have any comments or questions for the Rosemount Level team, post them in the Level track of the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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