Direct ISA Member Voting Opens

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The International Society of Automation (ISA) is the trade association for automation professionals. Their mission:

Enable our members, including world-wide subject matter experts, automation suppliers, and end-users, to work together to develop and deliver the highest quality, unbiased automation information, including standards, training, publications, and certifications.

If you’re an ISA member, this is the first year you can vote for folks seeking Society-level leadership positions. These positions include Society Officer, Executive Board, and Vice President. Prior to these direct member elections, a Council of Society Delegates process was used to elect leaders. Here is who is running on the 2014 ballot.

2014-ISA-Election-EmailI received an email today from [email protected] with the subject, Announcement of ISA Leader Elections. The email contains a link to the ballot. It also notes that all ballots must be cast by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, USA on 30 September.

Jim Keaveney Northeast Atlantic Regional Manager

Jim Keaveney
Northeast Atlantic Regional Manager

I mention all this first, so you can be on the lookout for the email, and second, to put in plug for Emerson’s Jim Keaveney.

Jim is running for President-elect Secretary. He has served in the role of ISA Society Treasurer over the past several years, as well as roles in Finance (Past Chairman) and Investment Committee, Strategic Planning Department, Parliamentarian, Chairman – New Ventures Investment and Nominations& Elections Task Forces, and Chairman – Officer Search Committee. He is affiliated with ISA’s Process Measurement and Control; Chemical and Petroleum Industries divisions and the Lehigh Valley Section.

His vision for the society is to increase ISA relevance by listening to the market and automation community and better aligning ISA resources and collateral and meet business and market needs.

He wants to work with sections and divisions to make direct connections with company decision makers. There is a need to better understand their critical business issues and discuss how ISA can align our resources and collateral to meet these needs. Some of these issues include workforce development, process safety, and cybersecurity.

Jim feels that ISA should become the first choice to help companies navigate these challenges and improve their bottom lines. From a communications standpoint, he believes that compelling content will drive ISA relevance with the automation community and attract a younger, more global demographic. The ISA needs to increase investment in industry leading on-line, interactive training and mobile applications.

However you choose to vote, please do. If you’re a member and didn’t receive and email, you can follow up with the ISA at [email protected] or +1 919-549-8411. If you’re not already an ISA member, consider joining the ranks!

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