Improving Regulatory Control Performance

Emerson's James Beall

Emerson Global Users ExchangeOne of the presenters I really enjoy listening to at Emerson Exchange conferences is Emerson’s James Beall. As a process control consultant, he helps process manufacturers and producers get their processes running as optimally as possible.

He always shares his tips and tricks from understanding the dynamics of a process to how to get the most out of the PID algorithm.

Here’s a video from last year’s “Meet the Experts” session on DeltaV Regulatory Control Performance (1:27:42). James moderated this panel of experts as they discussed the importance of a solid control foundation, techniques on identifying issues and ways to fix these issues.

James will be both presenting and co-presenting in a number of sessions at the October 12-16 in Emerson Exchange conference in Denver, including:

It’s a great opportunity to bring your questions and connect with some of top practitioners in process optimization and advanced control strategies. We hope you can join us in Denver!

If not, make sure to connect and interact in our online community, Emerson Exchange 365, in groups such as DeltaV, Ovation and Improve & Analyze.

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