Value from Monitoring Control Valves

As staff in process manufacturing and production facilities shrink due to economic or demographic conditions, on-site engineers, operations and maintenance personnel must increase their breadth of skills at the expense of skill depth.

Valve Condition MonitoringIn a recent post, Monitoring Control Valves with Remote Expertise, we described how remote expertise could help augment local staff in the area of valve monitoring and maintenance.

In this 4:47 YouTube video, Control Valve Condition Monitoring Prevents Unplanned Shutdowns, an end user, Kory Chance with the City of Ames (Iowa) municipal power plant, describes how he benefits from being notified before a valve failure condition occurs. This notification also provides time to get the parts required onsite and maintenance activity scheduled instead of reacting to an unplanned event.

Before condition monitoring, the plant staff would pull the valves for service based on a 5-year time schedule. Some valves required servicing while others did not. This was not an efficient use of time or maintenance budget.

By capturing the valves’ conditions over time, the control valve condition monitoring experts can see the aging process over time and identify anomalies early to help avoid abnormal situations and unplanned downtime.

Listen to this firsthand account of the value derived from this service and connect with someone in your area for other ways this service might benefit your site.

You can also connect and interact with other valve experts in the Valves group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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