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by | Nov 1, 2019 | Digital Transformation, Industrial IoT

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

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Emerson's Marcio DonnangeloThe FieldComm Group:

…is a global standards-based non-profit member organization consisting of leading process end users, manufacturers, universities and research organizations that work together to direct the development, incorporation and implementation of communication technologies for the process industries… In addition to HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus communication technologies, FieldComm Group is responsible for ongoing development of Field Device Integration (FDI) Technology.

The FieldComm Group conducts Technology Day seminars across the globe to connect end users with the suppliers of these standards-based technologies on the value they deliver. Next Wednesday, November 6 will be the FieldComm Group UAE Technology Day in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Emerson’s Marcio Donnangelo will present WirelessHART as a Key Enabler for Digital Transformation. He will discuss manufacturer’s and producer’s drive toward digitization and explore:

  • Why WirelessHART is suitable for this
  • Examples of WirelessHART digitalization solutions
  • Connecting to existing infrastructure
  • Looking to the future
  • WirelessHART to supplement 5G connectivity

Marcio shared a sneak peek with me and I’ll highlight a few things in the presentation. He opens defining digital transformation as the business strategy and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as the technology enabler. IT promises real business improvement powered by people (and enabled by technology) and enable the automation and optimization of operational processes in new areas that haven’t been possible before.

Formerly open loop work processes in reliability, safety, energy & emissions can be moved closer to closed loop performance with the application of new sensors, the application of experts and embedded expertise on this data coming from new and existing sensors, and applying the insights coming from this actionable information as automated or manual actions.

The IEC 62591 WirelessHART standard is compatible with all major field and plant network technologies, which is very important to seamlessly deliver operational analytics-based solutions. Solutions can range from on-premise local experts, to centralized, remote experts within the company, to 3rd party supplier experts monitoring through cloud-based applications providing diagnosis or work instructions.

Marcio will describe several practical examples. One is pressure relief valve (PRV) monitoring to gain real-time visibility to identify leaking and sticking valves in order to reduce emissions-related fines and environmental impacts. A wireless pressure gauge can detect rupture disk leaks by continuously monitoring the pressure buildup between the rupture disk and PRV. An acoustic transmitter continuously monitors the PRV for leaks and pressure relief events. Built-for-purpose Plantweb Insight Pressure Relief Valve operational analytics provide indication of PRV releases, including start and end time and production and emissions loss.

Marcio will share other examples using wireless sensors including continuous corrosion & erosion monitoring, real-time asset health alerts, toxic gas monitoring, non-intrusive process temperature measurement, and personnel location awareness.

You can learn more about WirelessHART specific technologies in the Pervasive Sensing Solutions section and more about the full range of digital transformation enabling technologies, services and solutions in the Plantweb digital ecosystem section on Emerson.com. You can also connect and interact with other IIoT and digital transformation experts in the IIoT & Digital Transformation group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

Update: Picture added of Marcio presenting today.

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