Streamlining Thermowell Design and Selection

by , | May 21, 2020 | Temperature

Temperature is a critical measurement for optimal control in many industries such as electrical power generation, oil & gas production, and chemical manufacturing to name a few. Thermowells installed into the piping and vessels protect the temperature transmitters from the extreme fluid temperatures and flow rates. Failures can result in process leakage, equipment damage and potential personnel injuries.

Thermowell Design Accelerator tool Thermowell calculations must be performed to prevent these unwanted situations from occurring.

I caught up with Emerson’s Timchan Bonkat. He explained to me that the design for these thermowells to account for the temperatures and vibration induced by fluid flow takes 50 hours on average for the calculations required for the thermowells to be installed. These calculations must comply with the ASME PTC 19.3 TW standards.

Tim worked with the Rosemount thermowell technologists on a Thermowell Design Accelerator tool to ensure engineers get a reliable, accurate and safe temperature measurement for its intended application. The tools can be used for design, troubleshooting and evaluation of a thermowell. It helps perform thermowell calculations, suggests thermowell products that meet the application’s need, and guides designers through the entire process.

The Thermowell Design Accelerator tool significantly shrinks the time required to perform design calculations and helps select the appropriate thermowell for the application. In fact, the 50 hours can be reduced to 15 minutes for the most safe and accurate thermowell design based on the specified process conditions.

Tim noted that a production facility with 500-plus thermowells can be designed in 5 minutes (actual design time) with the Thermowell Design Accelerator Tool. This acceleration translates into shorter design times, reduced project timelines & staff, and more robust thermowell designs.

This tool works by automatically iterating through failed calculations to eliminate the rigorous and manual calculation process. Once finding a solution that complies with the PTC 19.3 TW standard, the tool suggests the appropriate Rosemount thermowell and temperature sensor models. For challenging applications, the tool also suggests alternatives such as Twisted Square thermowells and non-intrusive X-well temperature measurement technology.

The Thermowell Design Accelerator tool provides the industry standard required reports for full traceability and history of the calculations performed to meet the requirements of the application.

The best news that Tim shared with me is that the tool is free for your use. Visit MyEmerson to access and use the Thermowell Design Accelerator to simplify design and purchase of Rosemount thermowells and temperature sensors for your application.

Visit the Rosemount Thermowells section on to learn more about the full range of thermowells to meet the needs of your applications. You can also connect and interact with other thermowell and temperature measurement experts in the Measurement Instrumentation group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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