Electric Valve Actuator Educational Video Series

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Valves, Actuators & Regulators

Valve actuators drive the movement of valves either in on/off, modulating or control service. These actuators can be powered manually, pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically. For electric actuators, there is a great, educational YouTube series, Introduction to Valve Actuation and Electric Actuators.

The 10 videos range from 2 minutes to 8 ½ minutes and feature these topics:

  1. Introduction to Valve Actuation and Electric Actuators (5:09)
  2. Introduction to Electric Actuator Operation (4:37)
  3. Introduction to How Stroke and Thrust is Created (2:04)
  4. Introduction to Electric Actuator Design for a Range of Valve Sizes (3:22)
  5. Introduction to Non-Intrusive Versus Conventional Style Electric Actuator Design (3:29)
  6. Introduction to Electric Actuator Motors & Duty Cycles (8:34)
  7. Introduction to Variable Speed in Electric Actuation (4:29)
  8. Introduction to Electric Actuator Fail Safe Functionality (8:32)
  9. Introduction to Electric Actuator Setup, Control, and Monitoring (6:38)
  10. Introduction to the Bettis Electric Actuator Portfolio (7:16)

Here’s the playlist of the full series if you’d like to learn more about electric valve actuation.

Visit the Bettis Electric Actuators section on Emerson.com more on Bettis and EIM electric actuator products, software applications, tools, and services. You can also connect and interact with other valve actuator experts in the Valves, Actuators & Regulators group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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