Driving More Sustainable Packaging Lines

by , | Oct 5, 2021 | Fluid Control & Pneumatics, Packaging

FluidPower World: Achieve a greener packaging lineManufacturers across the globe are looking for ways to drive more sustainable operations. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers are examining not only the materials used in packaging but also the health and efficiency of their packaging lines.

In a FluidPower World article, Achieve a greener packaging line, Emerson’s Mark Densley shares how innovative pneumatic technologies help CPG manufacturers to reduce their carbon and equipment footprint. Mark opens:

Cost-effective and compact, pneumatics has been a steadfast technology in the consumer products market for years, playing a vital role in a wide range of packaging systems. However, they are now go-to components for even more reasons: These proven solutions have valuable capabilities as well as comprehensive, actionable data that can optimize energy use, improve overall equipment efficiency and maximize performance.

Compressed air is a mainstay in packaging lines to manage the movements through the line. Mark explains that historically:

…there was no reliable way to evaluate compressed air consumption. The digital transformation of pneumatics has changed that. Today’s smart pneumatic devices provide a more complete picture of pneumatic system performance as well as actionable insights that give companies the ability to better understand and effectively control the energy use of their packaging lines.

Today, smart sensors:

…combined with an edge computing device, can continuously monitor system airflow and capture real-time flow, pressure and actuator speed. When properly analyzed, this data can help detect leaks and optimize compressed airflow…

By using the actionable information developed by the operational analytics from the smart sensor data:

…operators can determine the optimal consumption point of compressed air for their packaging processes.

Beyond optimal compressed air consumption, the analytics can:

…help operators detect leaks in near-real time.

Using technologies such as the AVENTICS Series AF2 Sensors to continuously monitor compressed air consumption and depending on the size and type of packaging equipment:

…companies can typically save 10-20% in compressed air energy costs and see a carbon footprint reduction of up to 10% through early leak detection and optimized air consumption.

Read the article for more on improving overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and sustainability improvements highlighted in a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) packaging line.

Visit the Packaging section on Emerson.com for more on the technologies and solutions to help you drive safer, more sustainable and more reliable manufacturing operations.

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