Pneumatic Efficiency for More Sustainable Manufacturing

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discrete manufacturingPneumatic pressure drives much production equipment in discrete and hybrid manufacturing operations. Optimizing pneumatic efficiency reduces energy usage and drives more sustainable operations.

In a Fluid Power Journal article, Improving pneumatic efficiency is a key step, Emerson’s Hakan Erdamar, group president for discrete & industrial businesses, describes ways to drive these efficiency improvements. I’ve added hyperlinks to the technologies mentioned in the quotes.

Hakan opens the article:

As the need to conserve resources and find environmentally responsible solutions grows ever more persistent, sustainability is one of the highest priorities for many companies.

He describes Emerson’s strategy for sustainability.

Using our expertise, technologies and solutions, we’re addressing environmental stewardship and responsibility in three primary ways: greening of, greening with, and greening by.

Greening of is how we improve our own internal environmental sustainability performance; greening with is how we foster collaboration among stakeholders through participation and partnership; and greening by is how we support and enable our customers’ decarbonization and environmental sustainability efforts through implementation of Emerson products, solutions, and expertise.

Hakan describes some of the technologies to enable manufacturers to improve sustainable operations.

Through greening by, we are delivering sustainable solutions and sharing valuable knowledge that can reliably improve our customers’ efficiency, reducing emissions and conserving resources, and supporting the development of sustainable technologies. The TESCOM valves and regulators used to reliably control pressure and flow in hydrogen fuel cells and electrolyzers are just some of the many sustainable technologies we’ve specifically developed to help decarbonize industries. Another is Emerson’s Branson ultrasonic metal welding. The technology can reliably bond thinner, more delicate metals such as advanced hybrid film materials, making it possible to produce smaller, lighter, and more energy-dense electric vehicle and energy storage system batteries.

Specifically to improve pneumatic efficiency:

…and optimization is our AVENTICS Series AF2 flow sensor. Much more than a flowmeter, the AF2 has made a significant contribution to help facilities across a wide range of industries better control their air consumption and meet sustainability goals. The AF2 is a critical part of the compressed air monitoring solution we provided when we recently helped a consumer products leader pursue its 2040 net-zero carbon target.

This solution works by calculating:

…air usage data with integrated software that displays trends and anomalies on analytics dashboards, allowing operators to easily regulate supply pressures and detect leaks. The system’s built-in connectivity makes it easy to deploy and provides immediate insights at the machine level, with network capability paving the way for monitoring compressed air usage throughout the enterprise.

Read the article for more examples of optimizing process manufacturing and production operations, such as TopWorx proximity sensing, such as the TopWorx GO Switch Model 73, to monitor vessel hatches for emissions.

Visit the Fluid Control & Pneumatics section on for more on the technologies and solutions to help you drive more sustainable operations.

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