Safety Components for Machine Automation

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In this video, Machine Safety | Fluid Control & Pneumatics Mobile Event, Emerson’s Wolf Gerecke explains how our cost-effective solutions keep workers safer, simplify safety systems, improve machine functionality, and maximize productivity.


Today I would like to show you how you can meet machine safety standards without compromising productivity. With years of experience supporting our customers in implementing safety-related applications, we offer one of the broadest portfolios of safety supporting components, from simple components that increase the safety rating of pneumatic circuits up to fully integrated safe exhaust valves.

We offer every product you could need to implement your safety strategy. One example is how we increase the safety rating of pneumatic circuits with smart addition of components. We can find it with our AV valve system.

Our AV valve system enables the same modular system to implement pressure zones. To implement electrical zones, we have circuits to decrease the flow and the pressure in the operating lines. We have possibilities to shut off and exhaust operating lines, including monitoring the switching function. Therein we have possibilities for lock-out functionality, including blocking.

We have a pressure sensor module to increase the channels for detecting failures within one valve system and help us create a safety circuit out of standard components.

Another example of integrating safety functionality and standard components is our 503 valve system with integrated zone safety. Our customers can integrate three safe zones within their pneumatic application very simply and cost-effectively. They provide the functionality of safe reversing safe exhausting and protection against an unexpected startup.

As an example, for a dedicated safety product, we have our new valve series SV—SV01 SV03 and SV05. These are redundant three, two, and five-two directional valves with position detection. We also have a dedicated version of the SV03 to integrate into air preparation units to provide a very compact and cost-effective way for a safe exhausting functionality.

Last but not least, we have here our fully integrated safety exhaust valve AS3 SV. Without any external safety relay or safety control, we immediately reach Category 4 performance level E. With an integrated soft art, it is also very well suited to be integrated into an air preparation unit at the beginning of your pneumatic application to start up the whole application safely. As we do not need any external safety relay or safety control, we can hook it up directly to external safety switches or light barriers, which will quickly and safely exhaust the application. With this, we can provide the functionality of safe exhaust and protection against the unexpected.

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Visit the AVENTICS section on for more on these innovative pneumatic solutions for precise and long-lasting operation in machine automation applications.

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