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Get Ahead of Water Infrastructure Issues

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Control & Safety Systems, Water & Wastewater

Amy Thibault

Amy Thibault

Director Marketing, Brand & Communications, Zedi SaaS SCADA

Towns and cities everywhere are increasingly challenged with issues of replacing water pipes, pumps, and other infrastructure—sometimes after a huge failure. If a pump station unexpectedly stops, hundreds or thousands of citizens may be without water for an extended period. Or, if the quality of the incoming water changes, improper treatment may be injected, creating several possible dangers for citizens. Water management challenges are vast and only continue to amplify.

More and more utilities are finding the benefit of managing these pump and treatment stations with scalable, cloud-based systems like Emerson’s Zedi SaaS SCADA. Instead of the old, costly system of relying on drive-bys to check on pumps and facilities, our scalable, cloud platform can give managers peace of mind while reducing those costs, all while keeping everyone’s water safer.

How does this happen?

Remote monitoring gives immediate information to the people who need it. The secure mobile app helps them keep tabs on equipment performance, chemical dosage needs, and changes for safety. Wherever they are at the time, an issue arises. It does this by setting alarm thresholds and levels.

When a set alarm threshold (that you define) is hit, our alarms send you and your authorized users a call, email, or text message.

Our SaaS SCADA only sends an alert when there’s a real issue, so everybody’s time is as efficient as possible. It also uses historical data so you can automate your preventive maintenance schedules based on actual needs. Sometimes you may need action or schedule preventive maintenance more often than you were doing, which will reduce failures. Other times you may be able to extend intervals, actually saving money.

Zedi SaaS SCADA Solution

Collection Systems

We also offer tremendous advantages for collection operations. With it, you can monitor and remotely control systems easily. And you can alarm those remote assets easily. Our cloud platform gives you pinpoint-accurate data. It’s the right data at the right time that ultimately boosts both safety and efficiency for those remote assets that are hard to access. Quickly being able to add or remove assets you decide to monitor and control also creates a platform that grows and changes just as your facilities do.


All this is available on Emerson’s Zedi Go mobile app, giving authorized users access and control any time, anywhere. This way, your staff can respond quickly and safely to every sudden issue, no matter when they happen or where the person is at the time of the problem. Access to the right data and visibility to your remotely located assets helps you achieve greater cost control by fully automating your collection system management.


Instant access to data about breaches or failures—and the ability to remotely shut pumps or adjust valves—not only optimizes operations but also increases safety and reduces the need for emergency actions.

Imagine being alerted instantly of a pipe rupture, for example. Instead of waiting for frantic citizens to report a wall of water through their neighborhood, your sensors immediately alert you to a pressure drop. You can shut off the valve feeding that area from a computer or mobile device before significant flooding or street damage can occur. Then your repair crew can be dispatched quickly to make physical repairs and quickly restore everyone’s water supply.

All this while providing historical data that lets you know when preventive maintenance should occur, preventing pump outages and other issues before they happen to keep the water flowing safely.

See the Zedi SaaS SCADA platform in action and catch the Zedi SaaS SCADA Provides Safe and Effective Fluid Inventory Management session at the October 24-28 Emerson Exchange conference in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by registering today. Also, visit the Zedi SaaS SCADA site for more on the applications to help you drive performance improvements.

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