Innovative Water and Wastewater Cloud Platform Solutions

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In every industry, there’s always room for improvement. More enterprises are looking to find the right data to make better business decisions, keep people and assets safer through automation, and find solutions that can change all areas of their operations.

Water and wastewater treatment plants depend upon remote facilities’ reliable and safe operation to continuously move waste throughout the service area to the main stations. By implementing a solution like Emerson’s Zedi SaaS SCADA, many parts of managing and controlling remote sites can become more streamlined, safer, cost-effective, and more sustainable for their communities.

The data we can present to your personnel anywhere, anytime, is a game-changer for most operations.

  • System monitoring – Our cloud-based SCADA system support any digital monitoring hardware for real-time operational data and can be used in addition to your current system or stand-alone.
  • Detection of failures – Identify early detection of equipment failures to eliminate potential environmental problems, hazards, potential regulatory fines, and negative community brand.
  • Flow adjustments – Your company can set points that can be automatically adjusted to compensate for seasonal flow and wet weather, complete with alarms at set points.
  • Control decisions – Make important decisions quickly for the entire plant or one individual site.
  • Labor costs – Centralized monitoring and control require limited staff at remote sites and less travel time to and from remote locations that enable your personnel more time to work on higher priority projects.
  • Maintenance costs – Reduced the amount of regularly scheduled maintenance visits.

How innovative cloud-based solutions can help your water and wastewater operations

Our Cloud-based SCADA solutions are quick and easy to implement and cost less to install and maintain. We use advanced technology with expert consultation and services to help deliver ongoing monitoring and control of treatment operations, such as water distribution systems, pump stations, remote operations, tanks, compressors, and more.

Your company needs a clear and consolidated view of what’s happening with remote water and wastewater facilities. Get easy access to operational data and control of your site’s functions in a single source available to authorized users anytime, anywhere.

Gain the ability to utilize live data screens where your personnel can build their own to present the exact data they need, or we can customize them for you. Create dashboards with analytics and data visualization for a combined data view. Our data specialists can customize complex visualizations and analytics to help your organization make informed decisions. Build or customize ad-hoc or prebuild graphing and trending reports. Finally, quickly push or pull data to third-party systems using data exchange.

Emerson’s Zedi Go mobile app empowers your field personnel to monitor and manage operations data anywhere and anytime. Also, provide disaster recovery, business continuity, encrypted data security, patch management, firewalls, and other tools and processes to ensure that your data is safe and your applications are always updated without any hassles.

We help water management organizations meet ongoing challenges within their industry every day. Contact us to learn more, and we’re happy to help you find the right solutions that will help you increase your operational safety, profitability, and sustainability.

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  • Amy Thibault
    Director Marketing, Brand & Communications, Zedi SaaS SCADA
  • Amy Thibault
    Director Marketing, Brand & Communications, Zedi SaaS SCADA

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