Automation’s Role in Operational Sustainability Improvements

by | May 11, 2022 | Sustainability

Jim Cahill

Chief Blogger, Social Marketing Leader

Mike Train, Emerson’s Chief Sustainability Officer, opens Green Innovation Day highlighting Emerson’s Greening of, Greening by, Greening with sustainability framework.

Yesterday, a Green Innovation Day event was held at the Emerson Impact Partner, Puffer-Sweiven, in the greater Houston area. The focus of this gathering was to show and demonstrate automation solutions to address operational challenges, energy efficiency, emissions management and capture, low carbon electrification, and clean fuels. Attendees were able to:

  • Discover IIoT-enabled solutions to help overcome operational challenges and drive performance improvement.
  • See demos of new products powered by the latest automation technology.
  • Leave with concrete, actionable plans that deliver immediate ROI.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Emerson’s complete sustainability offerings.
  • Intensify commitment to value-creating green solutions that enable a market advantage.

Here was the agenda for the event:

  • Emerson’s ESG Framework—A Commitment to Making the World More Sustainable
  • Customer Update—What’s Your ESG Journey?
  • How Sustainable is Sustainability—Emissions, Carbon Capture, and the Urgency to Automate
  • Technology Break-Out Sessions
  • Technology Demonstrations

Julie Valentine highlights some of the measurement instrumentation and control technologies in carbon capture, utilization, and storage processes.

The technology break-out sessions included:

  • Utilizing Data Management Systems to Develop a Carbon Intensity Tracker
  • Keeping Your Green Diesel Investments Evergreen
  • Greening by Using DeltaV’s Electronic Marshalling and Virtualization Technologies
  • Increasing Biofuel and Renewable Diesel Plant Margins and Reducing Their Sustainability Impact with the Help of Emerson’s Analytics
  • Measurement Challenges for Carbon Capture
  • Advancing Loading/Unloading of Green Diesel Using a Modern Engineered Solution
  • Predicting and Controlling Emissions Better With Emerson’s AI-Powered PEMS (Predictive Emissions Monitoring System)
  • Overcoming Measurement Challenges Across the Hydrogen Value Chain
  • Greening Your Process Equipment Starts One Valve at a Time: Part 1 Addressing Fugitive Emissions
  • The Greener Future of Hydrogen Production with Edge Control
  • Greening Your Process Equipment Starts One Valve at a Time: Part 2 Addressing Vented Emissions
  • Achieve Plant Sustainability Goals Using Data Management, AI, and Analytics Software
  • Greening Your Process Equipment Starts One Valve at a Time: Part 3 Documenting Value to Justify the Investment
  • Remote Monitoring Software to Verify Measurement and Comply with Regulations

I’ll recap some of these presentations in future posts.

More Green Innovation Day events are being planned across North America, and I’ll alert you to the schedule as it unfolds. Visit the Sustainability section on for more on the technologies and solutions to help you make measurable and persistent sustainability progress.

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