What Is Emerson’s Rapid Engineered Solutions Program?

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Rapid Engineered Solutions help analytical and medical equipment manufacturers accelerate the fluid handling design and engineering phase of new product development.

Are you an analytical or medical OEM design engineer struggling with compressed product development timelines? Do you need a rapid solution to complex fluidic system challenges?

The Rapid Engineered Solutions program from Emerson is the perfect solution. The program offers quick delivery of ASCO™ miniature valve assemblies for your iterative design cycle.

Let’s take a look at how this program can help meet the needs of design engineers and increase ROI.


How Does the Rapid Engineered Solution Program Work?

Product development engineers will work closely with your team to solve your unique fluidic handling challenges. Customizations such as seal materials, flow and pressure adjustments, power requirements, and different mounting configurations to meet your application requirements. Our Rapid Engineered Solutions program is tailored to meet the demands of design engineers, helping to shorten development time and increase ROI.

Customization Options Without Compromising on Quality or Performance 

With the Rapid Engineered Solutions program, each design engineer has specific needs that must be met in order for their device to function properly. That is why customization options such as seal materials, flow and pressure adjustments, power requirements, and different mounting configurations so that customers can get exactly what they need without having to compromise on quality or performance.

Plus, this can help identify potential problems before they become costly mistakes during production or development stages.

Contact us today to learn how to optimize system design, accelerate speed to market and increase ROI on your next device.



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