Power over Ethernet in the Micro Motion 1600 Compact Transmitter

by , | Jan 31, 2023 | Flow, Technologies

Micro Motion 1600 Compact Coriolis TransmitterPower over Ethernet (PoE) enables one Ethernet cable to provide both a data connection and electric power from a Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) to a Powered Device (PD) instead of having a separate cable for each. The Micro Motion 1600 Coriolis Transmitter is a Type 1 Power Class 3 PD that is compatible with Type 1 (PoE) or Type 2 (PoE+) PSE’s.

I share this as background because although PoE has been around for a while, its use in process automation has not. In a Process Instrumentation web page, ASK THE EXPERT: Power Over Ethernet Transmitter Maximizes Production and Increases Safety in Food and Beverage and Chemical Industries, Emerson’s Erika Palomino is featured as the expert in a question & answer document. It opens:

Did you know that Emerson now has a compact and scalable flow transmitter that includes Power over Ethernet? The new Micro Motion 1600 Transmitter is an ideal solution for the food and beverage, life sciences, and chemical industries with diagnostic capabilities designed to increase safety and maximize production. Tested under the harshest conditions, the 1600 Transmitter is a cost-effective and scalable plug-and-play solution that fully integrates into the manufacturing process.

I’ll share a few questions Erika answers and invite you to download the document for more.

How does Power Over Ethernet (PoE) work?

A: With PoE, a local area network is connected to a network switch, which will connect to many different assets. In our case, a PoE network switch would send power through an Ethernet cable to the 1600 Transmitter, which has an Ethernet port on it and is built to receive power.

PoE has been popular in other industries, but not so much in the process automation world until now. This capability is going to save customers’ wiring and installation efforts and they could potentially use the network switches they already have in their plant by retrofitting them with a PoE injector.

Does PoE provide enough power to run the necessary items?

A: PoE runs on DC Power and is actually high power. Some PoE switches can send out up to 100 watts — that’s a significant amount of power. A question I’ve been getting is, “Is this going to be enough to power even the largest Coriolis meters?” The answer is most definitely yes. The 1600 only needs between 6 to 8 watts requiring much less wiring. It’s plug-and-play, so you don’t need an electrician present to stamp your wiring.

What would you say is the most beneficial feature of the 1600 Transmitter?

A: Our customers love the compactness and the PoE capability. Some love the fact that it has all the diagnostics and software options that they are familiar with and how that data can be easily accessed over Ethernet. It’s also priced competitively, is available in hygienic stainless steel and can be integrally or remote mounted.

Read the article for Erika’s responses to these questions:

  • Can the 1600 perform under some of the harsh conditions found in the food and beverage and chemical industries?
  • Does the 1600 Transmitter offer Smart Meter Verification?
  • What licensable packages and software are available on the 1600?
  • Do you have to physically check the meter, or can it be done remotely?
  • Will Bluetooth be added to the 1600?
  • Do users need long training sessions to learn about the 1600?

Visit the Micro Motion 1600 Ethernet Coriolis Transmitter resource page for video and documents and the Micro Motion 1600 Compact Transmitter page on Emerson.com to learn more about the PoE-based Coriolis flow measurement devices and their application fits.

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