Sustainable Solutions for Plastics Recycling

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During the Emerson Exchange EMEA 2024 in Düsseldorf, Riccardo Delvax, principal process control systems engineer at Sitech Services described the use of Emerson’s DeltaV™ Distributed Control System to operate a pilot plant being built to optimize recycling methods for a diverse range of plastic waste.

Sitech specializes in providing technical support and services to chemical, petrochemical and energy sectors. This includes managing and maintaining facilities and helping customers to enhance their overall operations. As a partner in the knowledge center, Brightsite, the company also plays an important role in achieving the sustainability goals of asset owners.

Delvax explained that recycling is crucial for mitigating environmental impact, reducing the need for raw material extraction, and minimizing energy consumption required to manufacture products from virgin materials. Reducing waste is also important to alleviate burden on landfills and mitigating production of greenhouse gases released during decomposition.

Sitech is part of a project to establish a cutting-edge facility for exploring advanced plastics recycling techniques. The depolymerization pilot plant, located at the Brightlands Chemelot campus in Sittard-Geleen, the Netherlands, is designed for experimenting with various materials recycling methods and identify optimal recycling strategies. The DeltaV™ Distributed Control System from Emerson has been selected to provide real-time process monitoring and control of the pilot plant. The DeltaV system will be used to enhance operational efficiency and facilitate data collection and analysis for informed decision-making.

A strategic decision has been made to adopt DeltaV PK controllers. These are designed to operate in a standalone fashion without the need to connect to a server or a distributed control system. A key reason for this choice is that DeltaV PK controllers support flexible I/O addition, allowing for easy adaption to meet the changing requirements of the pilot plant.

The controllers seamlessly integrate an operator station with DeltaV ProfessionalPLUS Station Software, which presents a unified and intuitive interface for both operators and engineers. The solution provides a centralized hub for monitoring, control and data visualization. DeltaV Live provides a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for operators, who can navigate and control processes with ease. Predefined faceplates and detailed displays provide a consistent, powerful operator interface that can be used to support recycling technique optimization efforts. They can also easily tune control loops for optimal performance, ensuring precise and responsive process control. A DeltaV historian will enable continuous data logging to provide a record for thorough analysis and optimization. This will capture critical events and changes, facilitating a comprehensive record of the operational history of the plant.


Communications architecture for the pilot plant.


The DeltaV PK Controller utilizes OPC-UA protocol to enable seamless and standardized communication with a broad range of field instruments. A key benefit is that it does not count towards the distributed system task, allowing for more flexible integration requirements. The DeltaV PK controllers also seamlessly communicate with third-party control systems. The communication infrastructure for the plant is designed to accommodate expansion with minimal adjustments. A key element of the control system technology and design is that it can be used when scaling up the facility, supporting efficient expansion and cost-effectiveness in the future.



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