Reduce Offshore Production Expenses

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While most oil and gas production is somewhat remote from the office, offshore sites are even more distant. Instead of driving a hundred miles or so in a company truck, your staff is helicoptering across gulfs, seas, and oceans to stay at least a couple of days before flying back—at great expense and safety risk.

There are indeed times when that travel does, of course, have to happen. But those times can stay few and far between with reliable, fast production data provided by Emerson’s DeltaV™ SaaS SCADA cloud-native platform complete with SaaS and a mobile app.

  • Remotely monitor and control assets
  • Gain easy-to-understand analytics & alarms
  • Make fast, optimal decisions based on factual
  • Diagnostics to enable on-site crews & align travel

Hardware Agnostic

We can work with your existing hardware, whatever it may be, so you need not make changes on our behalf. That includes sensors, actuators, edge computers, PLCs, valves, and everything else. Even if you have a mixture of equipment, the results of combining disparate fields through M&A activity, we can teach them to play nice together.

From time to time, hardware does have to be updated due to wear and tear or obsolescence of either of the sensors of the machine it’s monitoring. Here, too, our hardware agnosticism helps you. Let us know of the changes, and we’ll connect seamlessly so your valuable data stream continues unabated.

That flexibility extends to end users as well. Your team members can see and understand your real-time data on a PC, laptop, Mac, iPhone, Android, Chromebook….you get the picture. Your team will also get the image of what’s happening in the field or on your rig in the middle of nowhere so they can take fast action—no matter the hardware on either end of the equation.

Always the Latest Upgrades

Our Software as a Service—SaaS—means most updates are seamless and invisible. If there’s ever anything that gives you a notably different look, we’ll let you know, and we’ll have your back in navigating the change.

That information flow between your people and Emerson’s experienced staff goes both directions. For example, please let us know if your people have suggestions on smoothing the workflow, clarifying a report, or simplifying a task. Many of our upgrades come from customer and end-user input, and we’re always happy to hear from you. Our single-minded goal is to help you get precisely what you need to streamline your operations.


Boost Profits with Clear Remote Diagnostics

Do you hear the cash register jingle with happy news? With DeltaV SaaS SCADA, you may reduce costly and time-consuming site trips, increase HSE, keep production flowing by detecting issues before they cause a shutdown, and maximize the efficiency of equipment and people by providing actionable data.

Start with Exactly What You Need

We start by listening. Tell us what you have, what you need, and what you’d like. Armed with that information, our experienced experts will work with you to design precisely the package you need for now—with the ability to expand or change in tandem with your needs easily.

Click here to read a case study based on one of our offshore production customers who gained efficiencies and increased reserves through their tech transformation with us.

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