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Control in the Field for Availability and Performance

Posted in Foundation Fieldbus, Process Optimization on Monday, June 6th, 2011. No comments yet
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In my automation-related blogs RSS feed, I discovered a Foundation Fieldbus blog post, Good Article on Benefits of Control in the Field. The Fieldbus Foundation (FF)‘s Larry O’Brien points to an article, Control-in-the-field provides control & reliability written by Emerson’s Travis Hesketh. The PCN [Process & Control News] Europe article describes the capability for control […]

Digital Busses Team Up for Successful Results

Posted in Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus on Friday, December 3rd, 2010. No comments yet
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Those that read this blog regularly know that I rarely delve into controversial topics. The focus is much more about connecting readers with the experts we have all around Emerson Process Management. One of the few posts that caused a dust up was Response to Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA Cost Comparison Whitepaper (with a […]