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Simplifying Hazardous Location Smart LED Lighting Installation

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Emerson’s Edward Brann presented, Simplify Connected Lighting for Hazardous Locations with Appleton and Plantweb at the 2019 Emerson Exchange conference. Ed opened describing the evolution of hazardous area lighting. Typically standard lighting stays on 24×7 which consumes excessive energy and leads to more frequent bulb failures. The Appleton Mercmaster, based on LED technology have motion […]

LED Lighting for Hazardous Locations

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Emerson’s Anthony Di Domenico and Ajay Tripathi presented on Zone 1 hazardous lighting solutions at the 2018 Emerson Exchange conference. LED light sources contain no pressurized gas, hot filaments or arc sources. They also don’t require frequent service or replacement. The National Electric Code (NEC), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization […]

Liquidtight and Vibration-Proof Electrical Cable Connectors and Fittings

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This is one for those electrical engineers out there. When I was interning on offshore oil & gas platforms in my college years back in the 1980s, I learned there was a lot more than just making an electrical connection between electrical devices (motors, sensors, etc.) and the remote terminal unit or PLC. There were […]

Simplifying Hazardous Area Instrumentation Inspections

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If your process includes hazardous locations, you can appreciate the extra care that must be taken with the wiring to instrumentation located in these areas. And ongoing testing of these transmitters and final control elements poses challenges as well. In a Control Engineering article, Inspecting instruments installed in hazardous locations, Emerson’s Ian MacDonald describes how […]

Wireless Devices in Hazardous Locations

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My ControlGlobal – The Great Kanduski: Best Practices in Industrial Networking RSS feed alerted me to a post, Antennas – Wireless Achilles Heel? As the title implies, it raises the question about antennas on wireless devices when installed in hazardous areas. The post opens: While attending the WirelessHART seminar a while back we had a […]