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The Case for Control in the Field-based Control

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John Rezabek closes his Surprise! Field-Based Control Beats DCS article with the thought: The SP50 committee set out years ago to define and specify a robust, vendor-independent controls suite exploiting the intelligence of microprocessor-based field devices that would equal or exceed the “bulletproof” DCSs of the 90s. They succeeded. The source of this conclusion […]

Dispelling a Rules of Thumb in Foundation Fieldbus Segment Sampling Rate

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On the Fieldbus Foundation Forums is a recent post, Macrocycle for control in the controller. The post begins: I have seen many posts about scheduling and macrocycle calculation for control-in-the-field (CIF). I have some doubts about control-in-the-controller (CIC) application. Unfortunately, there is no other option in the project I am working for. The question asks […]

Control Response Period for Foundation Fieldbus Control-in-the-Field Loops

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A great question came in the Process Automation Usability Project forum asking why there is not more control in the field being done. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s where a Foundation fieldbus (FF) transmitter, digital valve controller, or other instrument runs the control logic for the loop, instead of this being done in […]