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Accurately Measure Process Temperature without a Thermowell or Process Penetration using Rosemount X-well Technology

Posted in Temperature on Monday, March 7th, 2016. 4 comments so far
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Update: Download the whitepaper, Achieve Accurate Process Temperature Measurement with Surface Sensor Innovation for more on the Rosemount X-well technology. Original post: In an earlier post, Online Calculation Tool for Thermowell Installations, we shared ways to avoid resonant frequencies caused by fluid flow around a thermowell inside of process piping. But what if you could […]

Velocity Collars are Not the Answer to Thermowell Resonance

Posted in Measurement Instrumentation on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011. 4 comments so far
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A few weeks ago, I highlighted the issue of resonance and thermowells in a post, New Thermowell Calculations Help Avoid Damaging Resonance. Thermowells are the circular cylinder installed like a cantilever into process piping. The temperature sensor goes into the thermowell, to be able to measure the temperature of the fluid in the pipe without […]