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Improved Mining Operations by Detecting Roping and Plugging on Hydrocyclones

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Author: Douglas Morris One of the most ubiquitous operations in any mine is the use of hydrocyclones (cyclones) in the comminution circuit to sort particle sizes for mineral processing. Downstream of this process is the flotation circuit, which can be adversely affected if there is an upset with cyclones. Poor cyclone performance will impact recovery, […]

Listening In For Machinery Equipment Issues

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In the same way an experienced mechanic can identify car troubles by listening to it when it’s running, a plant maintenance professional often listens to rotating equipment to identify problems. I caught up with Emerson’s Drew Mackley, a member of the Machinery Health Management team, about using wireless headphones to listen to rotating machinery outfitted […]

Accessible Wireless Vibration Monitoring

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I always enjoy reading articles written by Emerson’s Jonas Berge. He explains concepts simply and makes them easily understandable. What prompted this thought is a recent article in Control Engineering Asia magazine, Value from Vibration. You may recall Jonas from numerous electronic device description language (EDDL)-related posts. Jonas contributes heavily to the educational efforts of […]

Healthy Pumps, Healthy Hearts

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OK, I confess to being an engineer in my core when I was explaining to my son the other day how the heart is a reciprocating pump. The systolic and diastolic pressures are the high and low-pressure peaks based on the heart’s expansion/contraction cycle. Blood pressure is one diagnostic indicator on the health of the […]