ISA Honors Emerson Technologists

It’s always a pleasure to highlight the work of our technologists around Emerson Process Management. It’s even better when their work is recognized by ISA, a premier organization for automation professionals. Congratulations to Martin Zielinski and Carl R. Jones on their recent awards for outstanding achievement.

Martin, the Director of HART and Fieldbus technology in Emerson’s Asset Optimization division, was elected to the distinguished grade of ISA Fellow for his significant contributions in the development, standardization, and deployment of digital communications technology. Through his career he has worked in the forefront of some of the automation world’s leading open, interoperable communications standards including the HART Field Communications Protocol, the FOUNDATION fieldbus communications standard, and the Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL). In fact, for two years while the Fieldbus Foundation was getting started, Martin served as its Chief Operating Officer. If your automation system or asset management software is receiving diagnostic information from intelligent field devices, you can bet that Martin’s leadership and expertise went into it somewhere along the line from his work on these consortia and standards bodies.

Carl, retired from and now consulting with Emerson’s Rosemount Analytical division, received the UOP Technology Award for the development of process analyzer applications, particularly those used in spectrophotometry. This award recognizes an outstanding achievement in the conception, design, or implementation of instrumentation and/or process control in an area of activity covered by the scope of the ISA’s Automation & Technology Department. Carl developed numerous process analyzer applications, using a full range of liquid and gas process analyzers and holds a patent for a unique electrochemical oxygen sensor and technology that speeds response time. He has contributed numerous publications and presentations serving to advance process instrumentation technologies.

We’re honored to have Martin and Carl recognized for their contributions to the advancement of automation technologies which help make process manufacturers more efficient.

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