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Northeastern University Blogger Success Study

If you’ve been reading the Emerson Process Experts blog for a while, you know that every once in a while I’ll jump on my soapbox to extol the virtues of RSS, RSS searches and blogs. Some examples of my enthusiasm on these topics include:

I keep writing about this because I do believe that you can find out about things more quickly than the “seek and find” world of today’s web browsing.

Today is a great example. Even before I opened my email I saw that my RSS searches for “Jim Cahill” and “Emerson Process Experts” had returned numerous results. They were pointing to sections of a Northeastern University and Backbone Media Blogging Success study.

My colleague Deb Franke and I participated by agreeing to be interviewed earlier this year. The researchers did a great job of capturing the essence of our interview.

What I really like about the way they did the study is that each section is done as an individual blog post, so that conversations can continue long after the study is posted. For my fellow automation bloggers, please consider adding your experiences to the conversation.

My point with all this is that you should consider using RSS searches for areas that interest you or advance your knowledge to be more successful. For automation professionals in the process industries these searches could be around emerging standards, government regulations, automation technology advancements, etc.

Now that all the major web browsers support RSS (even Microsoft with its just released Internet Explorer 7), the time is now to use RSS and join the conversation.

Posted Thursday, November 2nd, 2006 under Miscellaneous.


  1. Thanks Jim, glad you liked the blog, I hope the design of the online study generates some discussion. We hope this might push the boundaries of designing a study.

  2. John, Thanks for your comment. I really hope it does as well. I was just reading a report by one of our industry analysts which came to me as a PDF.
    I had some thoughts I wanted to share, but they did not provide their work in a forum like a blog which provides two-way exchange and an ongoing conversation. I believe more will see the light by copying excellent examples like yours.
    Take it easy,

  3. That is interesting. Many PR bloggers have been talking about redesigning press releases, maybe its time to redesign the white paper format, so that more discussion is possible. If white papers are an attempt at thought leadership on the part of so many companies, it makes sense that a company would want to open them up to discussion. You might even come out with version 2.0 after some great feedback.

  4. Jim – congrats! to you and Deb on the important work that you are doing to ensure and promote the credibilty of blogs as a marekting strategy and RSS as a new distribution channel. Enjoyed reading your interview.

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