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Rested and Ready for the Second Decade

Posted in Event, Miscellaneous on Monday, February 29th, 2016. 6 comments so far

Today marks the start of my second decade of blogging. I appreciate all of your support over the years through your visits, comments, emails and calls. Throughout the last decade, I hope that at least a few of the posts have helped you in managing some aspects of this most difficult of procession in our […]

A Programming Note

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Just a short programming note that I’ll be on vacation over the next week and not updating the blog. Enjoy that extra time from not reading any posts here and keep those wheels of commerce turning!

Short Programming Note

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Just a short programming note that no more posts will happen the rest of the week as I observe the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S. For those in the U.S., give thanks and enjoy your holidays. For everyone else, enjoy the rest of your week!

My Non-007 Car

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A small piece of humor from Emerson’s Anand Iyer. Morning Fox News has some accident on some freeway. A few days ago, an overturned ethanol truck had given us a 1-hour drive (30 mins more than normal) to office. I see traffic news every morning, because my older car does not get all these… My […]

Why Social Networks are So Important in Automation and Manufacturing

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I had the opportunity to do a guest post, Problem Solving Through Social Networks in Automation and Manufacturing, over at the Sabisu blog. Sabisu’s Co-founder and CEO/MD Tim Sharpe, shares his thoughts on the importance of social networks for automation professionals in today’s guest post. It’s 3am in the north of England at the world’s […]