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Rested and Ready for the Second Decade

Blog look and feel circa 1996.

Blog look and feel circa 2006.

Today marks the start of my second decade of blogging. I appreciate all of your support over the years through your visits, comments, emails and calls.

Throughout the last decade, I hope that at least a few of the posts have helped you in managing some aspects of this most difficult of procession in our world of process instrumentation and automation.

The mission, “Connecting with the People behind the Technologies and Expertise” remains as true today as it did with the blog’s inaugural post, Welcome to Emerson Process Management Experts.

In fact, our energies include not only connecting you with the experts here on the blog, but also connecting with them in the Emerson Exchange 365 community, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and more.

I expect that the next ten years will bring even better communications technologies and ways to connect to help you run your process manufacturing and production facilities even more safely, reliably and efficiently than is possible today.

Thank you!

Posted Monday, February 29th, 2016 under Event, Miscellaneous.


  1. Congratulations, Jim. I cannot imagine the number of posts you’ve created and curated over the years. I still recall the number of social media outlets you presented at our PI North America member meeting some years ago. There is much to share and many ways to share it, but I’m partial to the blog. On March 12 the PROFIblog will also celebrate its first decade.

  2. Jim Cahill says:

    Carl, Thank you! It was great fun sharing some thoughts with your members when I came out for your conference. I’m also partial to the blog since I can still find the post a decade later! Other sites seem to move and change and break links to the past.

    Congrats in advance on your upcoming milestone!

  3. Rossella Mimmi says:

    Congratulations, Jim! I wish you will help us with many other decades of great content!

  4. Jim Cahill says:

    Thanks Rossella! As long as I have great experts like you to highlight, I’ll continue to have fun doing this!

  5. An amazing feat to keep a newsletter going that long, and with increasing frequency. One would think you have a team of staff behind you but I know that’s not the case.

    I can’t believe it has been that long already. Actually, I remember the sample post (single bus vs. multi-bus) as if it was yesterday. I recall that when I first saw it I realized that something had just dramatically changed in how companies interact with their users – more personal, more interactive, and live.

    In your first post you mentioned some role models. I checked them out. I think they can learn a thing or two from you now.

  6. Jim Cahill says:

    Jonas, Thanks! A lot has changed over the decade like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook coming into the mainstream. I think these provide ways to more broadly share the posts.

    I also noted a number of broken links in those I originally credited. They either have moved on or lack that persistence gene I seem to have been born with!

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