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Emerson Process Experts is a brand new venture for us to use a blog to create a shorter path between process manufacturing professionals seeking solutions and the experts around Emerson Process Management who have valuable industry, application, and technology expertise. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and exchange views with the people behind our services and technologies. Hopefully over time, more will join in and we’ll create a conversation space here for everyone around the facets of process automation. In kicking this off, here’s a little bit about me.

I’d like to emulate Microsoft’s great technical evangelist and chief Microsoft Geek Blogger, Robert Scoble, a.k.a. the Scobleizer. Emulate him in the sense of being a connector to the experts around Emerson Process Management like he does at Microsoft’s Channel 9.

My expertise lies mainly from the fact that I know lots of folks around here in seventeen years with Fisher Controls and in turn Emerson in a 1992 acquisition. Also, I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of the DeltaV system development from its inception in 1995 to its recognition as the leading process control/automation system today.

Over time, our wish is that some of the experts within Emerson Process Management will begin their own blogs and provide you with more focused expertise and two-way conversations.
Please email me, Skype me, or call me if there are particular people or topics that you would like in this blog.

Also, if you’re blogging, I’ll be searching for your RSS feed in which to subscribe. Or better yet, send me your blog’s URL!

PS- As many in large corporations can attest, new ventures must go through organizational due diligence. eMarketing Manager Deb Franke and I would like to thank many “super bloggers” in the blogging community for their advice and counsel in this process including: Edelman’s Steve Rubel, Diva Marketing Blog’s Toby Bloomberg and her leadership in the AMA Blog Hot Topic series, IBM’s Todd Watson and Teresa Yoo, Pheedo’s Dana VanDen Heuvel, Church of the Customer Blog’s Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba, author Scott Allen, Blogging Enterprise organizer Paul Walker, and Forrester’s Charlene Li. And thank you to our team which has taken this from idea to reality with their technical expertise: Ed Guinn, Maryanne Moore, and Lisa Cowan.

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