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Getting Up to Speed on Safety

In AutomationWorld magazine Editor-in-Chief Gary Mintchell’s recent blog post, Safety Integrated System training, he describes an SIS training course recommended by a former colleague.

I caught up with Pat Garland in Emerson’s Educational Services organization to see what training we were offering to help automation professionals learn the ins and outs of the safety including the global safety standard IEC 61511 (ISA S84 in the U.S.)

Along with a lot of efforts in other parts of Emerson Process Management developing safety instrumented system (SIS) products, SIS project services, and ongoing SIS lifecyle services, the Educational Services team has developed courses around safety from basic understanding of terminology and global standards to more specific product training.

Pat specifically pointed me to some on-line eLearning courses which include a Safety Engineering Overview and a more in depth Safety Engineering course. You can see sample courseware here (requires Flash player.)

These are paid for classes but include access to the course for three months and email access to Emerson safety experts for this three month duration. Based upon the feedback of automation professionals who have participated in the various forms of education services, many more eLearning modules are in development.
Pat has posted his email on the eLearning page, so fire away if you have questions or post comments here.

Finally, speaking of commitment to education, it was great to read Control magazine Editor-in-Chief Walt Boye’s blog post today, More on “Being the Solution…”

Emerson Process Management is the undisputed king of giving to colleges, universities and technical trade schools, as near as I can tell. They have donated millions of dollars worth of field instruments and DeltaV systems, or sold them to academic institutions at cost, depending on the need of the particular institution. In particular, they’ve donated to the three North American Fieldbus education centers a whole lot.
What Emerson does is the template for the first way to expend education resources: support actual engineering education. This must be done. Thank you for being part of the solution. Please don’t stop.

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  1. I received a note from Len Laskowski in our St. Louis Refining and Chemical Industry organization.
    Len reminded me that page 6 of the Ed Center flyer: has all of the Plant Safety courses.
    The Refining & Chemical folks in St. Louis also developed SE-101: Process Safety Engineering Overview Course and SE-201: Process Safety Engineering Course. These are just 2 of the courses that Emerson people must take to be certified to work on DeltaV SIS. These course are being taught worldwide and are very substantial. The SE 101 course is about 500 power point slides with a 95 question test. SE 201 is about 1200 slides with a 175 question test.
    Len says they are getting requests from their customers to come in and teach these courses prior to starting a project, which is a great idea because much of the terminology is new to most people.

  2. Emerson Process Experts says:

    Achieving IEC 61511 Safety Compliance with a Little Help

    As the international safety standard IEC 61511 (ISA S84.02 in the U.S.) has provided process manufacturers a risk-based approach to safety in their plants. Many organizations including Emerson are providing training and project execution services to as…

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