Wider Range of Blending Applications

by | May 25, 2006 | Services, Consulting & Training | 0 comments

I caught up with Lou Heavner who you may remember from an earlier model predictive control post. When it comes to blending operations in refineries, Lou knows this application very well.
He’s recently created a Blend Lite application which is a scaled down version of the Blender Control application that has been developed and deployed for numerous refiners around the world.
The full blend control application has in-line blending which offers several advantages over sequential blending, especially in the reduced time required to blend large volumes. Some products like gasoline involve many components and the finished product must meet many specifications. The standard blending package addresses the many component/many spec problem and frequently includes the use of an in-line analyzer and blend optimization.
There are a number of blending applications that involve only a few components and don’t require all of the advanced functionality that is usually required for gasoline blending. Refineries have some products that fit this simpler application like jet fuel and asphalt. Other industries have processes that fit this simpler blend application. The key value in these applications is the ability to simultaneously blend multiple components–all in the correct ratio–even if one of them becomes constrained. These simpler blend applications still need functions such as: blend recipes, start/stop sequencing, failure monitor, ratio controllers, ramping and pacing.
Lou said to consider the Blend Lite Package if your application has the following:
– In-line blending for up to 5 components with one flowmeter and control valve per component
– Ratio control of current flows or totalized flows with pacing during the blend and ramping at the beginning and end of blend
– Up to 32 blend recipes
– Blend reports
– Start/stop capability for one valve and pump per component
– Basic operator graphics like those provided for the Blend Package

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