Web 2.0 Will Be a Hot Topic at the Emerson Exchange

In an earlier post, I had mentioned that my colleague Deb Franke and I will be presenting at the Emerson Exchange (September 10-14, Dallas TX.) The topic is how new Web 2.0 tools and techniques can help you innovate (presented twice–Wednesday 3pm / Thursday 8am.)

There must be something to this topic, because I discovered that we’re not alone. Emerson’s Marshall Meier, a project manager for Foundation fieldbus projects involving Rosemount FF transmitters, is presenting the topic, Web 2.0 in the plant. You can bet I’ll be at one of his two sessions (Tuesday 10am / Wednesday 8am.)

Marshall indicated the goal of his presentation is to introduce the audience to various Web 2.0 technologies, and give them some ideas on how those technologies could be used in a plant. Here’s his submitted abstract:

In 2006, Time Magazine said YOU were the Person of the Year. “You” being one of the millions, maybe billions, of people in the world who are building Web 2.0. The web is no longer read-only medium, rather an interactive environment where the users both generate and consume the content. This workshop will introduce you to some of the most interesting Web 2.0 technologies out there.

Marshall plans to cover the definition of Web 2.0, various examples like RSS, social bookmarking, wikis, video sharing, maps, and photo sharing. These will include possible applications in plants. He’ll be looking to have a very interactive session to explore other potential uses for these people-connecting technologies.

Marshall also shared that like me, he’s a huge fan of RSS for its ability to bring information to him based on his interests.

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