ARC Survey: Using Advanced Process Control for Competitive Advantage

Let’s close this week by pointing to a new Advanced Control Survey at the ARC Advisory Group site. The actual survey is here.

Their purpose?

The purpose of this survey is to develop an understanding of how process manufacturers around the world are using advanced process control (APC) to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

We discuss what Emerson’s experts do in optimizing processes with APC technologies from time to time, so I’m keenly interested in the results of this survey.

You’re eligible if you’re a process manufacturer and you work with process control. The promise is 20 minutes of your time and:

By taking this survey, you will gain insight into how users are looking to extend APC applications and related infrastructure within their organization. Those who complete the survey will receive a FREE copy of the results.

I didn’t see a cutoff date, but if you meet their criteria and have 20 minutes, give it a go.

Update: Right now, the survey is expected to be open until June 15.

Posted Friday, May 11th, 2007 under Services, Consulting & Training.

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