Web 2.0 for Automation Marketers

Here’s a quick post to end the week. I had the great honor of doing a keynote presentation at the ISA Marketing & Sales meeting this week on the subject of Web 2.0. The presentation, Challenges, Perils and Opportunities in Web 2.0 for Automation Marketing:

The purpose was to share some thoughts and experiences for other automation suppliers who attended this event. There were a lot of great questions at the end and most seem to be very engaged in the subject. Here a couple of reviews from Walt Boyes, Gary Mintchell, and some great Twitter tweets from Juliann Grant. Also, Carl Henning at PTO Profiblog saw the uploaded presentation and asked if anyone other than our small circle of bloggers really follows any of this stuff. Add any thoughts you might have.

The week after next at the Emerson Exchange, Deb Franke and I will be presenting on the topic of great ways to take advantage of Web 2.0, Feeding that Inner Geek (Tues 9/30 9am Chesapeake B, Wed 10/1 2:30pm Chesapeake A.) The audience is not to sales and marketing folks like this one, but rather engineers and other automation professionals.

I hope if you’re going to the Exchange, that you’ll join us. Your pre-work, should you choose to accept it, is to read this DeltaV News item on Twitter, take action and join Twitter, and be prepared to tag all your tweets at the Exchange with the tag #EmEx so others can easily find the thoughts you share with this simple search.

Update: Juliann, I saw I fat-fingered your name and left off an “n” on the end. I fixed it. Great seeing you this week!

Update 2: I just saw Gary Mintchell’s post pointing to his YouTube Automation Travels video recap from this event. Check it out!

Update 3: Juliann Grant has a great recap, ISA Marketing and Sales Summit Roundup, on her What’s Working in Marketing blog. Thanks for your kind words, Juliann!

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