Emerson South Korea Team Recognized for Mega Project Execution

I received an email from one of my friends on the Emerson Process Management South Korean team. We featured some of their work with a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) projects presentation by general manager, Patrick Deruytter, in an earlier post.

The project execution and services team has been quite busy executing mega-sized projects and was recently named a Center of Excellence for Process Automation by the Emerson Asia-Pacific Region staff.

Some of the team’s recently completed mega projects include:

  • PTT Aromatics and Refining Public Company Limited, the largest aromatics producer in Southeast Asia
  • Middle East Oil & Gas facilities modernization project with a South Korean contractor
  • Korean Polysilicon solar cell manufacturing process
  • Middle East Ethyleneamines production process

The South Korean office has 2500 sq. meters (27000 sq. feet) and a team of approximately 200 engineers and PMI-certified project managers working on process automation systems-related projects. They performed a quarter-million project engineering hours over the last year. Given the scope and complexity of most mega-sized projects, the South Korean team works with engineers from many world areas executing these projects.

Because of these increasing numbers of projects, a new training center in Seongnam-city provides process automation professionals with certified classes in process control systems, analytical measurement devices, and asset optimization.

I share all this with you, because I have a fondness not only for the increasingly significant projects they do, but also for the innovative spirit that Patrick helps foster. The team established the first non-English Emerson blog of which I’m aware. Check out the Emerson South Korea blog. It even contains selected posts from this blog translated into Korean. Here are some pictures on the blog from the award ceremony recognizing their work.

Congratulations to the South Korean team and keep leading the way on your projects and innovation efforts!

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