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by | Jul 30, 2009 | Services, Consulting & Training

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Jonas Berge shared with the ISA EDDL list today that ISA has upgraded its email list server software. You may recall Jonas from his leadership on the electronic device description language (EDDL) web site and in many posts here on this blog. For those not already familiar with this device description language standard, it provides a common way for automation suppliers to describe the information inside their intelligent field devices. Information such as:

…function blocks, device parameters, calibration procedures, menu structures, and presentation of diagnostics.

With field device suppliers having a standard way to describe this data, it provides the suppliers of handheld devices, asset management software, and automation systems a method to present this information from the various suppliers’ devices in a consistent, intuitive way.

Most folks already subscribed to one or more of the ISA email lists should have been automatically transferred to the new email list management system. Jonas wrote:

ISA has upgraded the list server. ISA members and customers have been migrated automatically. If you don’t see [eddl] within brackets in the subject of this message you must manually transition to be part of the EDDL discussion list and to continue to receive the monthly update. Follow this procedure:

  1. Create an ISA account (free)
  2. Create list server password
    – Wait for confirmation email and click on link in it.
  3. Join the EDDL discussion list
    – Log in
    – Click Join, enter your name, and click join
    – Wait for confirmation email and click on link in it.

In case you’re not already on the EDDL list, Jonas also shared a few articles, which you may find of interest:

The Polymer Plant article was a great example of a process manufacturer, Synthomer, quantifying the benefits of their application of automation and asset management. Things such as output 30% over nameplate rating, 30% faster batch turnarounds, and 15% reduced recipe development time. I’m guessing the engineers behind these quantified results are getting their next capital appropriation requests approved more easily!

The email also linked to the archive of articles on the EDDL.org site. There was also links to presentations, videos, news, technical white papers, and literature. Now you know why I used the word indefatigable to describe Jonas’ efforts in educating process automation professionals on the value of this standard.


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