On-line Alarm Analysis with Guardian Alarm Management

Emerson’s Buddy Ilao, a member of the SureService support team, offers up his fifth screencast on aspects of the SureService Guardian Support service. Buddy’s earlier efforts are located in this blog’s screencast category.

Today’s screencast provides an overview of the Alarm Management capability. Buddy summarizes this capability:

The Alarm Management tile in the Guardian dashboard provides customers complimentary or subscription reports that will help improve the alarm performance in their control systems, as based on the EEMUA (Engineering and Equipment Manufacturers Users Association) publication 191 benchmarks and best practices.

As control systems become more complex, the need for proper configuration of the DeltaV alarms becomes increasingly important. By actively addressing ineffective alarm designs, operator performance will improve and attention can be focused specifically on delivering safe, effective plant operation.

You can follow this alarm management screencast link to see the full-size version or watch this embedded version below:

Buddy shows how those with DeltaV systems can upload their alarm logs to give the service a try by looking at their alarms with DeltaV Analyze On-line. Those who participate will also receive a complimentary summary alarm analysis report. The screencast shows some of the information that is available in this report.

If you have a DeltaV system and would like an alarm analysis performed, it’s worth a few minutes to watch the screencast.

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