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Level measurement plays a large role in most process manufacturing facilities. It’s a subject we address here on the blog from time to time in the level category. I mention this in case you didn’t see the recent news—Emerson acquires ISE Magtech. ISE Magtech joins the Rosemount Measurement portion of the business and the press release highlights the importance for process manufacturers in:

…enabling Emerson Process Management to strengthen its level measurement solutions in the oil and gas, refining, chemical, and power generation industries…

ISE Magtech designs and manufactures level gages and associated equipment for use in industrial applications. This acquisition will allow Emerson Process Management to leverage the strength of its existing portfolio of level measurement products and provide complete level measurement solutions across the process industry.

I asked some of my friends who manage the Rosemount brand for more background that I could share with you. ISE Magtech provides a range of level measurement products including magnetic level gauges, magnetostrictive level transmitters, reed chain analog level transmitters, radar solutions, and more.

To highlight one application, a natural gas pipeline company uses magnetic level gauges (MLG) for increased safety, fugitive emission monitoring, and reduction in maintenance costs associated with conventional sight-glass level indication for their gas plants. The MLG technology provides a much safer design than conventional level indication, releases fewer fugitive emissions, and requires very low levels of maintenance. The transmitters and switches are also non-invasive to the process. This also means that the process does not have to be shutdown to be installed.

The pipeline company noted that the conventional site glass gauges required spare parts and a schedule of general maintenance, both which were eliminated with the switch to the MLG technology. The engineering team also noted that the transmitters came pre-calibrated from the factory, which streamlined the installation and commissioning process. Over the lifecycle of operation, the engineers shared that MLG technology is one of their most reliable standards for level measurement.

For those unfamiliar with this technology, here’s the principle of operation:

ISE-MagTech Magnetic Level Indicators

Inside the indicator tube is a lightweight magnetized indicator or series of metallic flags. The indicator is magnetically coupled to the float and moves up and down with the liquid level. The indicator allows the operator to read the level from more than 100 feet away. The only moving parts are the float and the indicator.

The float chamber is basically a column of 2-1/2 inch pipe with process connections to match those of the storage tank, reactor, or other equipment where level is to be measured. These connections may be side couplings or flanges, or top and bottom flanges.

The magnetic float moves up and down inside the chamber as the process level changes. Float type is determined by the process fluid, light enough to maintain buoyancy and have properties that allow it to withstand the temperature and pressure combination.

It’s great to have the ISE Magtech team join the Emerson team to provide a broader set of level measurement technologies to process manufacturers across many process industries and world areas. You can find out more in the Rosemount area of the website including a Live Chat capability directly with the team.


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