Understanding Multivariable Transmitters

Flow is a key measurement for most process manufacturers. In this quick, 1:38 YouTube video, How Multivariable Transmitters Work, Emerson’s team who manages the Rosemount brand of products give an explanation of how multivariable pressure transmitters work and how they can reduce overall installation costs.

Traditionally, pressure, differential pressure (DP), temperature measurements, a flow computer, and a local indicator are required to accurately produce an accurate mass flow reading. Costs are increased from multiple pipe penetrations, wiring, and ongoing maintenance.

Rosemount Multivariable transmitters provide three process measurements and flow calculations in a single transmitter. The measurements include static & differential pressure and temperature. Mass flow is calculated based on pressure, temperature, and flow rate.

These Multivariable transmitters can be used as part of applications requiring temperature, mass flow, volumetric flow, energy flow, totalized flow, differential pressure, and/or static pressure.

Visit the Multivariable transmitters and flowmeters page to learn more and request additional information. You can also connect and interact with other flow experts by joining the Flow track in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.


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