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Upgrading Rosemount 1151 to 3051 Pressure Transmitters

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Measurement Instrumentation, Pressure

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

Chief Blogger, Social Marketing Leader

The venerable Rosemount 1151 pressure transmitter was introduced all the way back in 1969. It combined 4–20 mA electronics with capacitance technology. In my first job post college, I worked as a project engineer out of New Orleans on offshore oil & gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. We would buy dozens and dozens of these pressure and differential pressure devices at a time to instrument the separators, gas processing, oil skimming, and other production equipment. They seemed to last forever, even in the moist, salt-laden conditions of the Gulf of Mexico.

Like many great things, the lifespan of the Rosemount 1151 transmitter reached its end. In an article, Emerson’s John Berra Says Farewell, he noted:

When I first began, a transmitter was an all-analog device with all-analog circuitry, and it did one thing: It made a measurement and it pumped that measurement out as an analog value… Today, the list of things that one of these instruments can do—just the horsepower that is in there—to do not only the measurement but the diagnostics, offers tremendous benefits. But the digitization of the control room side has changed the way we operate plants.

The successor to the 1151 transmitter is the Rosemount 3051 pressure transmitter, itself with more than 20 years of installation measuring pressure, flow, and level in process manufacturing and production operations across the globe. We’ve explored the capabilities and applications for this series of transmitters in numerous posts.

If you’re one that has had years or even decades of service for your 1151 transmitters, there are many good reasons to upgrade them to 3051 technology. Measurement accuracy improves to 0.04% of span, stability of 0.125% of URL for 5 years, rangedown of 150:1, and installed total performance of 0.14% of span. A local operator interface in the 3051 makes commissioning and maintenance right at the device without a handheld or other device possible. The device is also rated safety instrumented system applications for safety instrumented functions up to SIL 2.

Replacements of Rosemount 1151 with Rosemount 3051 transmitters are available in differential, gage, and absolute varieties with numerous process connection-types to retrofit existing or support new installations. More on the design, functions, and capabilities are on the 3051 and 3051S demo tour site or by contacting Emerson’s Rosemount product specialists.

You can connect and interact with other instrumentation professionals in the Pressure, Flow, and Level tracks in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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