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Last week I highlighted an updated book for process control engineers, Tuning and Control Loop Performance, by Greg McMillan. It’s amazing how prolific Greg is, even in his “retirement” over these past several years. I can only aspire to be so active when my golden years arrive!

Process Automation Hall of Fame member, Greg McMillan

Process Automation
Hall of Fame member,
Greg McMillan

I mention this because Greg has another book he’s finishing, Advances in Reactor Measurement and Control. He shared with me that the book is based on an extended version of his ISA 2011 Automation Week tutorial on reactor control. The book shows how lambda tuning and external reset feedback (e.g. DeltaV Dynamic Reset Limit) can be used to overcome challenges associated with reactor control and optimization.

This book, to be published by ISA, is due out soon and I’ll update the post with how to order it.

Here is the overview found on the back cover [I’ve included some hyperlinks]:

Advances to Reactor Measurement and Control

Advances to Reactor Measurement and Control

Written from a practical perspective, Advances in Reactor Measurement and Control underscores how control system design can address the different process responses and fundamental characteristics of the major types of reactors in the process industry.

This book enables the reader to learn what measurements, control strategies, controller features and tuning parameters will achieve process objectives for a given type of reactor. No prior education or experience in process engineering or control theory is needed. This book starts with the fundamentals and principles needed to become proficient in getting the best reactor and control system performance. The practitioner will be able to design, implement and support straightforward configurations based on the type of process and equipment.

McMillan—the author of more than 20 books, including several ISA best sellers, Process Automation Hall of Fame Inductee and the recipient of the ISA Life Achievement Award—educates through a practitioner’s experience and perspective, outlining the general concepts and details, from the field to the control room, for the control and optimization of batch and continuous reactors.

“Taking a practitioner’s approach, I believe, is unique,” McMillan says. “The concepts in this book are developed to help the reader understand the fundamental differences in reactor applications and improve the performance of nearly all types of reactors. This book is unique in providing readily configurable practical solutions for batch and fluidized bed reactors besides the more traditional continuous stirred tank reactors.

According to McMillan, the book’s practical value is reinforced through its:

  • Simple presentation of the characteristics and implications of each of the dynamic responses needed to achieve the necessary efficiency, capacity, quality, and safety in operation.
  • Clear explanation of the PID features and tuning and control loops needed for addressing the lack of smoothing in dead time dominant processes and the lack of negative feedback in integrating and runaway processes.

The material in this book represents knowledge from leading participants in the ISA Mentor program, Brian Hrankowsky and Héctor Torres, reflecting decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, respectively.

You can connect and interact with Greg and the folks he’s mentored over the past few years in his Mentoring Engineers discussion track in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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